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I remember being so grateful to be in a room who had experienced my specific loss because even just six months in, people were treating the loss of my husband as something that would be easier to move on from. I would find love again. I was still young. Sad, but also sickly funny. I remember thinking I would never tell a mother she would move on from losing her child. Never tell a sibling they could get another brother dating suicide survivor sister. As if a date would help me forget that my husband was dead. Or a sibling.

How can you help a suicide survivor? It is estimated that every dating suicide survivor who commits suicide leaves behind six to eight people who will be severely affected by the death. The total number of Americans dealing with the aftereffects of suicide currently exceeds 4. The grief that accompanies any death is compounded by incomprehension, guilt and anger to a degree far beyond the experience of those who have lost loved ones to accidents or natural causes. In most cases, it will take the suicide survivor much longer to come to terms with the loss. Suicide is not a subject with which most people are comfortable. But the reticence stemming from this discomfort is likely to be misjudged by the survivor as either disapproval or rejection stemming from the stigma that still attaches to suicide. Never forget that you are dealing with someone trying to cope with what is almost certainly the worst experience of a lifetime.

A man whose wife committed suicide may be angry, lonely and searching for answers. According to Phyllis R. Silverman, Ph. The man you are dating may be angry at his wife for committing suicide. He may feel betrayed that she singularly chose to end her life -- a life that they shared together. If there was no reason given for the suicide, he may also be left with unanswered questions, both for dating suicide survivor and from well-meaning family and friends.
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He did you a favor. Ask God to help you find and recognize the man for youвwhen you are ready. He will prepare you by opening your eyes to see past skin color, open your ears to hear his intentions and your heart to help you defend him against anyone who stand against your union.

God will also stand with you because who the man he sends to you will also be a man of God. What God brings together, let NO man tear apart. Always remember that where your earthly father lacks in love, God picks up the slack and will not forsake you the way your father has.

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